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Halloween is basically just a kickoff to the holiday season… so I’ve been busy getting Thanksgiving and Christmas tees, tanks and fun tops ready to roll out!  Don’t see what you want?  Message me and let’s create something awesome together!  Happy HOLLA days, yall! All of these designs are available for purchase in my Etsy shop!

So what IS a challenge group?!

I talk a lot about challenge groups.  I post about them on social media, I talk about them to my friends and family, and I invite people to join them.  WHY??? Because participating in these groups is the BEST way to ensure success with a health & fitness program! Think about it:  Have you EVER…

How to Clean Up Your Coffee (and I don’t mean a spill)

Coffee.  Java.  Brew. Cup o’ Joe. Café.  Jet Fuel.  WHATEVER YOU CALL IT, just know that I LOVE IT. My husband and I are both coffee drinkers.  Errr’day.  We brew a 12 cup pot and it’s perfect for each of us to fill our mugs twice.  So when we started our fitness program, which incorporated a clean…

Pico de YUMM-O!! (My fool-proof way to delicious pico de gallo)

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE you some pico de gallo!  You also love wine, Netflix binges and going to the beach.  Oh wait, I think I just described my mom… hmmm… Anywho, I have a FOOL – PROOF recipe for some delicious pico!  I included in the pic my two favorite chips to…